Home One Week


We have been home a little over a week already and this week went by so quickly.  Overall things are going really GOOD!  Caleb is doing fabulous.  He is learning and growing and eating and sleeping and playing and hugging:)  This week Caleb had his first hair cut, first pediatrician visit, and first eye exam.  We had blood drawn and some immunizations.  He is a real trooper:)  Now when I look at the BIG picture I can see how God has prepared our hearts and Caleb’s heart for our unity together as a family.  We are taking each day and making strides.  Caleb watches the other kids and usually knows expectations.  This is a huge help:)  He is understanding more English than he is speaking.  He continues to speak to us mainly in Chinese so we have picked up about about ten words that he uses consistently.

Caleb does have his moments….he has this awful fake cry that he uses when he doesn’t like what you are telling him or he isn’t getting what he wants.  BUT we are already seeing less of this fake cry as we work through expectations and understanding of house rules, etc.  And I believe this will continue to get better as Caleb grows is his language skills.

We are so thankful for the continued encouragement and support on this journey!

Prayer Requests:  Caleb has three appointments next week.  Monday we see the pediatric ophthalmologist at Vandy.  Caleb is very afraid of light and does not like anyone to get near or touch his eyes.  Please pray that he will do well and for wisdom of the physician for screening and treatment.  Tuesday Caleb goes to the dentist.  And Wednesday we are back to Vandy to see another specialist.  Caleb has another medical issue that we were not aware of but believe can be resolved with a minor surgery.

We appreciate your continued prayers for our family and Caleb!


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