Caleb Likes/Dislikes


Caleb LOVES bath, bubbles, and bananas.  Caleb LOVES hugs, hats, and helping.

Caleb likes fruits, veggies, bread/grain as well as milk, juice and water.

Caleb likes the outside, playing with toys, coloring and using stickers.

Caleb dislikes animals.  Its not that he dislikes animals but he is afraid of animals.  Fearful.  Caleb dislikes heights (AKA his daddy shoulders and Noah’s top bunk:)

Caleb dislikes meat of any kind except eggs.

Caleb eats with his right hand while colors and draws with his left hand.  I have noticed several times him putting his left thumb up to his mouth.  I wonder if he wanted or tried to suck his thumb as an infant to soothe himself.

Caleb eats without making a mess and is adamant about keeping himself clean while eating (both hands and mouth).  He wants to help clean up the kitchen after meals.

Caleb folds laundry…..imagine my surprise as I am folding laundry this morning he comes to help and folds laundry better than my 7 and 8 year old.  I tried to tell him he need not fold laundry… him with hugs and kisses.  I want him to know he is loved…..that he was chosen….but for a four year old this is going to take time.

We are learning so much about Caleb and thankful we get to call him son!


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