I wanted to post a quick note on Isabel.  First, all the 3 big kids did great:)  But Isabel was our extra hands when we needed them.  She helped us in so many situations and instances.  We are so thankful she was eager to help.  Also, Isabel took almost all our pictures.  With a 2 and 4 year old I really did not have opportunities to take many pictures.  But she took my camera and went to taking pictures.  Can not wait to upload them to my computer to look at:)  We probably have at least 1000 pictures!

Also, once we arrived in GZ Isabel (and Mattie and Noah) did great making new friends with other LifeLine families.  They quickly built relationships with both the bio and adopted children.  They look forward to continuing their friendships as pen pals.  There was one particular 14 year old girl that was adopted just 4 days prior to her 14th birthday.  (Fourteen is the age out age in China.)  Isabel and her had so much fun and her mama was so happy to see her interacting with Isabel.

So thankful we took our children to experience China culture, the adoption journey and open their eyes to the lostness of the world.  May their hearts burn with a desire to be missional for the gospel!


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