Caleb is Home


WOW!  We are home….YEAH!  My heart is full!  I know I have said on here that Caleb sleeps and eats great!  These are huge praises and we are prayerful that this will continue.  Also, the fact that he sleeps and eats well will help Jason and I to teach and help him with his behavior issues (because hopefully we will have more patience with good sleep:).  And I believe with time, learning English and routine these behavior issues can be addressed effectively.  (And most importantly prayer for him to learn self control and fruits of the Spirit.)  He is very smart and eager to learn and participate.  He is very affectionate too!!  Last night, when we arrived home.  I was giving him a tour of the house.  We had placed several photos of him around the home so we could communicate in some way that we have been waiting and wanting to bring him home.  Each time he looked at his photo he pointed to himself and said Caleb and gave me a huge hug and kiss.  I wept!!

We are thankful to be home safely and still very healthy!  And continue to be at awe with God’s hand on this journey!!


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  1. Oh Dwan! I have loved reading all your updates! So thankful you are home and will continue to pray for adjustment for everyone, especially Caleb! Thank you for sharing God’s story of how He is at work in your family!

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