Coming Home


Today, we went to the zoo.  Yesterday, we went to the island.  We have a wonderful guide that really takes care of us:)  Last night we ate at a Chinese Cafe it was great food!  This afternoon we are going for a quick swim, pick up Caleb’s passport with visa and pack.  We head out at 5 AM on Thursday.  And we will travel about 28 hours to get home.  We have had so much fun but I am so ready to get home…..I think some things will be easier to be on a schedule and routine.  Our days here are full of various sightseeing, eating, napping, paperwork, and more eating.  Our kids love it because of the fun things we get to do.  I have not cooked in 2 weeks nor washed clothes (other than a few things in the sink:)

We are still healthy and safe and knitting together as a family of seven.  We are thankful for your prayers.  And have seen God provide along the way.  We are encouraged and blessed…..yet still learning and growing.  Jason and I agree this journey of adoption is really a journey of sanctification.  Thankful for the cross and the grace and mercy I have received from God.


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