Caleb Sees


I have been pondering what it might be like for Caleb.  In one week he has seen and done more things than is his lifetime.  He loves to see and listen about to everything happening in the hotel, on the street, in the van/bus……He talks no stop and has not met a stranger:)  I know at times he gets frustrated with us as we do not know what he is saying.  Sometimes he repeats himself numerous times but we still do not know.  There are a few things we have picked up in Chinese and understand what he is saying.  We are quite funny to use hand motions for various instructions, details.  He is non stop fun until he does not get his way:)

Clearly he can not see out of his right eye and he is very sensitive to light.  However, he seems to be able to see well out of his left eye.  He really does not miss a beat with comings and goings.  We are thankful he can SEE!

Tomorrow we have our consulate appointment and take our oath.  Our final step in the process!  YEAH!!!!!  (*Okay we still have other paperwork to complete in the coming weeks but these are small steps compared to all that we have done and will have completed*)  Caleb will legally be our son!!!


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