It has been a busy few days as we traveled from one province to another via plane.  We are now in GZ with other LifeLine Families.  It is sweet to hear their stories and testimony of how God moved them to adopt. Our children have made friends quickly and we are still healthy and safe.

Today, we attended International Church.  What an amazing time to worship and celebrate God together with other believers around the world.  Also, it was Orphan Sunday.  And there we are holding Caleb.  We are blessed, humbled and encouraged.

We also had to complete more adoption paperwork.  You think when you get here you are done with the paperwork but it just keeps coming:)  SO thankful for the LifeLine team as they really make it so easy as they help you prepare each document along the way.

Yesterday, I took Caleb to the clinic to complete his medical for his visa and our consulate appointment on Tuesday.  He did fairly well considering he had to be given a shot:(  We go back tomorrow to finish his medical.

The days are full and busy for all seven of us.  Just eating and bathing and getting dressed or just about doing anything takes a little longer:)

The big kids LOVE it here….and are not ready to come home just yet.  Ella-Lu is so ready to come home. Tuesday of last week she told me….we have Caleb now let’s go home.  So sweet!  She continues to do well….she loves being in her carrier.  Her pink blanket has made it through each step with us and yes we are hand washing it to try to limit the germs it is collecting:)

We are thankful for 3 American Restaurants but all the while are tired of eating McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC.  We have eaten almost all the food we brought but plan to have PB sandwiches tonight.

You may be thinking how is Caleb?  He is doing well.  He eats and sleeps great:)  He is very smart and is already learning a few English words.  He is eager to learn and to experience so much.  But he is 4 year old boy who has the maturity of a 2 year old.  He does not want to listen (yes, there is a language barrier but he already knows what no means:).  He wants to be independent when he needs help.  He is full of energy and lots of laughs and smiles and snuggles.  He is starting to show affection without prompt. For example, he started with kissing in the air in our direction and now he comes up and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

This period is hard…..we knew it was going to be hard…..we are experiencing what we expected……no surprises but it is still hard.  Adoption is hard.  Adoption is messy.  We are in battle for our son.  To teach him, train him, love him, discipline him, grow him.  I think this is what our Heavenly Father thinks of us too!

We can feel your prayers.  At times I do not know what to pray. But I know others are praying and pleading on our behalf.  We appreciate your continued prayers for all of us as we press on this week, to arrive home on Thursday evening and perseverance with grace and mercy in the following weeks and months.

For His Glory!